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RTD (2013-2017)

BodyPoweredSenSE Wearable System for Real-Time Emotion Analysis EPFL Fabio Dell'Agnola, Francisco Rincon, David Atienza
BodyPoweredSenSE Energy-Aware Software for Wearable Medical Sensors ETHZ Ivana Unkovic, Stephan Koster, Dennis Majoe, Thomas Gross
Envirobot Envirobot: A Bio-Inspired Environmental Monitoring Platform EPFL Alessandro Crespi, André Guinard, Behzad Bayat, and Auke Ijspeert
Envirobot Flexible pH sensor based on layer-by-layer assembled iridium oxide nanoparticles EPFL Milica Jovic, Jonnathan C. Hidalgo-Acosta, Hubert H. Girault
Envirobot Optimal Search Strategies for Pollutant Source Localization EPFL Behzad Bayat, Naveena Crasta, Howard Li, and Auke Ijspeert
Envirobot Fish cell-based biosensor: the prototype HES-SO / HE-Arc Frederic Truffer, Vivian Lu Tan, Kristin Schirmer, Martial Geiser
Envirobot Sensors integration in Envirobot locomotion segment HES-SO VS Oliver Gubler, Frederic Truffer, Marc Pignat, Alessandro Crespi, Martial Geiser
Envirobot Multiple semi-continuous chemical detection by bacterial bioreporters in a microfluidics chemostat UNIL Siham Beggah Möller, Nina Buffi, Philippe Renaud and Jan Roelof van der Meer
FlusiTex Monitoring of pH and metabolites in wound healing processes EMPA Jankowska Dagmara, Bannwarth Markus, Schulenburg Cindy, Faccio Greta, Scherer Lukas, Maniura-Weber Katharina, Rossi Renè, Richter Michael and Boesel Luciano
ISyPeM2 Performance of Individualized Bayesian Dosage Adjustment for Voriconazole: a simulation study CHUV Aziz Chaouch, Robert Hooper, Chantal Csajka, Valentin Rousson, Yann Thoma, Thierry Buclin
ISyPeM2 Real-time detection and quantification of small molecules drugs by T-LSPR EPFL G. Cappi, A. Ferretti, Y. Moncada, F. M. Spiga, M. Bianchessi, C. Guiducci
ISyPeM2 Point-of-Care analytical platform for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring HES-SO VS Denis Prim, Diana Burghelea, Helene Strese, Frederic Truffer, Serge Amoos, Martial Geiser, Jean-Manuel Segura, Marc E. Pfeifer
MagnetoTheranostics Small and biocompatible coatings for lymph node metastases detection and treatment EPFL Débora Bonvin, Duncan T.L. Alexander, Marijana Ebershold Mionic, Heinrich Hofmann
NewbornCare Camera-Based Respiration Monitoring CSEM Fabian Braun, Alia Lemkaddem, Virginie Moser, Stephan Dasen, Olivier Grossenbacher
OpenSense2 Characterizing impact of air pollution on human health CHUV Dai-Hua TSAI, Michael RIEDIKER, Nancy HOPF, Nicole CHARRIERE, Sandrine ESTOPPEY-YOUNES, Murielle BOCHUD
OpenSense2 Time-resolved air pollution simulations at the city scale EMPA Katrin Zink, Antoine Berchet, Jürg Brunner, Clive Muller, Lukas Emmenegger, Dominik Brunner
PATLiSci2 Diagnosis of HER2 amplification in biopsies from breast cancer using nanomechanical biosensors Uni Basel François Huber, Hans Peter Lang, Marija Plodinec, Ernst Meyer, Christoph Gerber
SHINE Engineering Solar-H2 Devices EPFL
SpineRepair Nanowire based soft electrodes ETHZ Flurin Stauffer, Klas Tybrandt, Vincent Martinez, Samuel Lienemann, Conor Keogh, Janos Vörös
Synergy GaInP/Silicon dual junction solar cell with 29.8% certified record efficiency CSEM M. Despeisse, S. Essig, C. Allebe, M. A. Steiner, J. F. Geisz, B. Paviet-Salomon, S. Ward, A. Descoeudres, L. Barraud, V. Lasalvia, N. Badel, J. Champliaud, A. Faes, J. Levrat, A. Tamboli, P. Stradins, D. L. Young, C. Ballif
UltrasoundToGo Addressing safety-criticality in optimal deployment of data-flow applications onto many-core platforms EPFL Stefanos Skalistis, Alena Simalatsar
UltrasoundToGo Safe and optimal deployment of 3D ultrasound application on Kalray MPPA-256 platform EPFL Stefanos Skalistis, Ahmet Caner Yuzuguler, Alena Simalatsar
WearMeSoC On-line Patient Monitoring during 6 Minute Walking Test for Improved Diagnosis ETHZ T. Burger, J. Bösser, S. Fateh, S. Saxer, Q. Huang, K. Bloch
WiseSkin EPFL Huaiqi Huang, Tao Li, Christian Enz, Jörn Justiz, and Volker M. Koch
X-Sense2 Bolt: A Stateful Processor Interconnect ETHZ Felix Sutton, Marco Zimmerling, Reto Da Forno, Roman Lim, Tonio Gsell, Georgia Giannopoulou, Federico Ferrari, Jan Beutel and Lothar Thiele
X-Sense2 Quantifying irreversible movement in steep fractured bedrock permafrost at Matterhorn (CH) Uni Zurich Samuel Weber, Jan Beutel, Jerome Faillettaz, Andreas Hasler, Michael Krautblatter, Andreas Vieli
YINS Multi-Objective System-Level Management of Geo-Distributed Data Centers EPFL Ali Pahlevan, Pablo Garcia del Valle, David Atienza
YINS Towards Fast Remote Atomic Object Reads for In-Memory Rack-Scale Computing EPFL Alexandros Daglis, Dmitrii Ustiugov, Stanko Novakovic, Edouard Bugnion, Babak Falsafi, Boris Grot

Strategic Actions

OpenSWISS OpenSWISS: A Reliable, Modular, Low-Cost Platform for Air Quality Crowdsensing EPFL Julien Eberle, Emmanuel Droz, Karl Aberer, Alcherio Martinoli


RTD (2009-2013)

IrSens IrSens and MIXSEL NANOTERA Results Valorization at RTI-Research S.A. RTI-Research S.A. Vladimir Iakovlev, Alexei Sirbu and Sergei Mikhailov

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