Pre-Venture Program

Are you a PhD or Post-Doctoral student, active in RTD projects and wanting to launch your own startup?

The Pre-Venture Program is specifically designed for you!

In a nutshell:

    The Pre-Venture Program aims at fostering the creation of economic value out of scientific and technological results generated within the program.

    The Pre-Venture Program focuses on the support to the creation of startups by PhDs and Post-Docs active in RTD projects.

    The Pre-Venture Program is designed to provide high potential applications to existing funding programs in Switzerland

More precisely, through the Pre-Venture Program, you will get help to address the major questions that must be considered before starting up a company; and, for the ones of you demonstrating the required skills and motivation, the program will provide further support to encourage you to submit applications to public funding programs such as the CTI-Startup, and/or to participate in business plan competitions, venture forums, etc.

The Pre-Venture Program consists of 4 consecutive phases:

  1. Screening Phase. The objective is to identify, among the population of PhDs and Post-Docs active in RTD projects, highly motivated potential entrepreneurs. Do you have a technological and innovative project (a "Venture Idea") in mind? You want to be helped in the analysis of your project? The Pre-Venture Program is for you; don't hesitate to contact us.
  2. Analysis Phase. The objective is to move from the concept stage to the point where the Venture Idea could be considered for its commercial merit. Various aspects such as individual and team motivations, capabilities of the selected candidate entrepreneurs, position and economic value of the identified Venture Idea, etc will be pre-assessed. Don't forget, you will not be alone; here we are to help you!
  3. Selection Phase. To ensure the quality and the economic potential of the selected projects, the Nano-Tera Pre-Venture Program Committee will involve renowned personalities from the entrepreneurship world. If successful during the Nano-Tera selection process, your Venture Idea will be labeled as "Business Ideas".
  4. Submission Phase. It's now time to convert the labeled Business Idea into a concrete submission to one of the existing relevant Swiss funding structures (CTI start-up, EPFL Innogrant, ETHZ Pioneer Program, etc).

The Pre-Venture Program is coordinated by Roland Pesty.

Roland Pesty's professional activity focuses on Innovation Management with various and complementary responsibilities: Managing Director, Business Development Director, Alliance Manager, Consultant in Strategy and Co-funder of startups. During the last 3 years he was the NCCR Mics Industrial Liaison Officer and drove the MICS Spin Fund under the supervision of Pr. Karl Aberer. More information can be found on Roland's LinkedIn page:


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