Nano-Tera research activities: Program

The Nano-Tera.CH (NTCH) initiative aims at bringing Switzerland to the forefront of a new technological revolution driving engineering and information technology for health and security of humans and the environment in the 21st century.

The goals are, for example, to detect in real time different health risks and conditions through body-integrated bio probing, to reveal security risks through smart buildings and environments, to save energy through ambient sensing, and to detect and monitor environmental hazards such as floods and avalanches from inaccessible positions on earth.

The proposed strategy includes the convergence of both advanced R&D on micro/nano electrical/mechanical components and on tera-scale systems, which integrate and network different (nano) elements to achieve both local and global processing of extremely large (tera) amount of data.

The program in detail

Four areas of research to which Nano-Tera is particularly devoted:

A presentation of the Nano-Tera Program

Research Activity Report

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