Expert in Distributed Information Systems
Karl Aberer
Open sensor networks for air quality monitoring

Expert in Plan Recognition. distributed algorithms for information gathering and integration
Boi Faltings
Expert in Modeling-self-organized systems
Alcherio Martinoli
ETHZ / Computer Engineering & Networks Lab.
Expert in Resource constrained system optimization, RF communication, computer engineering
Lothar Thiele
EPFL-Audiovisual Communications Laboratory
Expert in Mathematical signal processing-superresolution-image/video processing. signal processing for sensing
Martin Vetterli
EPFL-Audiovisual Communications Laboratory

Project Description

Mobile communications and inexpensive embedded  sensors open new opportunities in terms of environmental monitoring, such as air quality. However, the impact of doing such measurements  on a massive scale, with uncontrolled mobility and end user involvement is not well understood nowadays. This poses novel challenges in terms of system architecture, distributed algorithms and data analysis that are addressed in this project. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Virtually moving base stations for energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks
R. Zhang, P. Thiran, M. Vetterli
MobiHoc'15: the sixteenth ACM international symposium on mobile ad hoc networking and computing

The beauty of the commons: optimal load sharing by base station hopping in wireless sensor networks
R. Zhang, F. Ingelrest, G. Barenetxea, P. Thiran, M. Vetterli
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications

DASS: Distributed Adaptive Sparse Sensing
Z. Chen, J. Ranieri, R. Zhang and M. Vetterli
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Model-view Sensor Data Management in the Cloud
Tian Guo, Thanasis G. Papaioannou and Karl Aberer
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Big Data (2013)


Posters from 2013

ExposureSense: Integrating Daily Activities with Air Quality using Mobile Participatory Sensing
Julien Eberle, Bratislav Predic, Zhixian Yan, Dragan Stojanovic, Karl Aberer

Intentional Networked Mobility for Urban Pollution Monitoring
Adrian Arfire, Alexander Bahr, Ali Marjovi, Andrea Ridolfi, Emmanuel Droz, Alcherio Martinoli

Utility-driven Data Acquisition in Participatory Sensing
Mehdi Riahi, Thanasis G Papaioannou, Immanuel Trummer, Karl Aberer

Posters from 2012

Posters from 2011

Multi-Model Approximation of Time Series
Thanasis Papaioannou, Mehdi Riahi, Karl Aberer

Open sensor networks for air quality monitoring
Thanasis Papaioannou, Karl Aberer

Exploiting and Supporting Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks
Adrian Arfire, Alcherio Martinoli

Towards a Qualitative, Region-based Model for Air Pollution Dispersion
Jason J. Li, Boi V. Faltings


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