Expert in data analysis, low power circuit and system design, new concepts for low standby power
Giovanni De Micheli
Implantable/Wearable System for on-line Monitoring of Human Metabolic Conditions

Expert in biomedical circuits and systems
Sandro Carrara
Expert in Wireless electronics, RFID-circuit design, Low-power physiological sensing
Catherine Dehollain
Institute for Research in Biomedicine/Bellinzona
Expert in characterization of signal transduction pathways at different developmental stages of the murine T cell1
Fabio Grassi
Institute for Research in Biomedicine
ETHZ/Integrated Systems Laboratory (IIS)
Expert in long distance RF communications, RF and mixed-signal design
Qiuting Huang
Expert in chip design, intelligent detector, VLSI design, high-level specification and synthesis, sensors development
Yusuf Leblebici
EMPA/Department Materials and Systems for Protection and Wellbeing of the Body
Expert in biomaterials and biomolecules for medical and industrially interesting applications
Linda Thöny-Meyer

Project Description

The project goals were to develop a fully implantable sensors system, involving multi-panel sensors capable to sense several metabolites, all in parallel, in real-time and CMOS design for the fully-implanted, complex, and low-consumption electronics for sensing and remote powering. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

A System for Wireless Power Transfer and Data Communication of Long-Term Bio-Monitoring
Kilinç, Enver G.; Baj-Rossi, Camilla; Ghoreishizadeh, Sara; Riario, Stefano; Stradolini, Francesca; Boero, Cristina; De Micheli, Giovanni; Maloberti, Franco; Carrara, Sandro; Dehollain, Catherine
IEEE Sensors Journal (ISSN: 1530-437X), vol. 15, num. 11, p. 6559-6569

Design, development, and validation of an in-situ biosensor array for metabolite monitoring of cell cultures
Boero, Cristina; Casulli, Maria Antonietta; Olivo, Jacopo; Foglia, Lorenzo; Orso, Eric; Mazza, Marco; Carrara, Sandro; De Micheli, Giovanni
Biosensors and Bioelectronics (ISSN: 0956-5663), vol. 61, p. 251-259

Do Carbon Nanotubes Contribute to Electrochemical Biosensing?
S. Carrara, C. Baj-Rossi, C. Boero and G. De Micheli
Electrochimica Acta, vol. 128, p. 102-112

Implantable devices: the future of blood monitoring?
G. De Micheli, C. Boero and S. Carrara
FSG Future Medicine Clinical Practice, vol. 10, num. 4, p. 385-388


Posters from 2014

Sub-mW Reconfigurable Front-end IC for Biosensing and Calibration
Sara Ghoreishizadeh, Antonio Pullini, Sandro Carrara, Giovanni De Micheli

Posters from 2013

Comparison of differently integrated carbon nanotubes onto Pt microelectrodes
Irene Taurino, Arnaud Magrez, Andrea Cavallini, Laszlo Forro, Giovanni De Micheli, Sandro Carrara

IronIC Patch: A Wearable Device for Remote Powering and Connectivity of Implantable Systems
J. Olivo, A. Cavallini, S. Carrara, G. De Micheli

Far-Field Remote Powering and Communication of Wireless Implantable Sensor Systems for Real-Time Monitoring
Onur Kazanc, Catherine Dehollain

Integrated circuit design for implantable multi-target biosensor
Sara Ghoreishizadeh, Sandro Carrara, Giovanni De Micheli

Posters from 2012

Circuit design for Biosensor readout
Ghoreishizadeh, Carrara, De Micheli

IronIC Patch: A Wearable Device for the Remote Powering and Connectivity of Implantable Systems
Olivo, Carrara, De Micheli

Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Detecting Metabolites
Taurino, Fairhead, Reiss, Richter, Thoeny-Meyer, Carrara, De Micheli

Long-Distance Wireless Link for Sensor Applications
Schoenle, Fateh, Kleier, Burger, Qiuting Huang


Posters from 2011

Remote Powering of Implantable Biosensors
Jacopo Olivo, Sandro Carrara, Giovanni De Micheli

Differently oriented MWCNTs integrated on silicon biochip
Taurino, Carrara, Giorcelli, Tagliaferro, De Micheli

Circuit design for drug detection
Sara Ghoreishizadeh, Sandro Carrara

Miniaturized Antenna Design with Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Implantable Systems
Onur Kazanc ,Maloberti, Catherine Dehollain


Project Photos