ETHZ/Integrated Systems Laboratory (IIS)
Expert in long distance RF communications, RF and mixed-signal design
Qiuting Huang
Platform Circuit Technology Underlying Heterogeneous Nano and Tera Systems

Expert in Wireless electronics, RFID-circuit design, Low-power physiological sensing
Catherine Dehollain
Expert in wireless sensor networks, very low-power analog IC design and semiconductor device modeling
Christian Enz

Project Description

Advances in information and communication technologies, combined with those in wireless communications and sensor networks, have given rise to the idea of Internet of Things. Complex systems, accentuated  by the availability of large numbers of nano-scale transistors, pose challenges for their design at both transistor, circuit and system level. Mastering complex system design in the nano device era and applying it to a circuit technology platform to support  health related sensor networks and loT, form the dual objectives of PlaCiTUS. 

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Why we should move away from trying to build perfect circuits

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Pruning delivers lean, green microchips

Notable publications

3.6 GHz CMOS Ring Oscillator with Low Tune Voltage Sensitivity and Temperature Compensation
Özsema, Hasene Gülperi; Demirci, Tugba; Leblebici, Yusuf
IEEE Nordic Systems and Circuits

Full Swing 20 GHz Frequency Divider with 1 V Supply Voltage in FD-SOI 28 nm Technology
Özsema, Hasene Gülperi; Kostak, Duygu; Demirci, Tugba; Leblebici, Yusuf
IEEE Nordic Circuits and Systems

A 51.4 Mb/s FSK Transmitter Employing a Phase Domain Digital Synthesizer with 1.5 mu s Start-up for Energy Efficient Duty Cycling
R. Thirunarayanan, D. Ruffieux, N. Scolari and C. Enz
46th European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC)

Reducing Energy Dissipation in ULP Systems: PLL-Free FBAR-Based Fast Startup Transmitters
R. Thirunarayanan, D. Ruffieux and C. Enz
IEEE Transactions On Microwave Theory And Techniques


Posters from 2013

Interface Circuits for Wirelessly Powered Bio-Medical Sensor Node
Xiao Liu, Catherine Dehollain

Remotely Powered Implantable Chip for Sensing Bio-medical Signals
Mehrdad Azizi and Catherine Dehollain

A DC-Connectable Multi-Channel Biomedical Data Acquisition ASIC
Philipp Schönle, Luca Bettini, Schekeb Fateh, Felix Schulthess, Thomas Burger, Qiuting Huang

True Fractional-N dividers based on Injection Locking for Low Noise transmitters
Raghavasimhan Thirunarayanan

Posters from 2012

Posters from 2011

PlaCiTUS - General information
Thomas Burger, Qiuting Huang

Advanced tranceiver design for SoC integration into biomedical devices
Luca Bettini, Hasene Oezsema, Thomas Burger, Qiuting Huang

Wirelessly powered sensor node for bio-medical applications
Mehrdad Azizighannad, Xiao Liu, Catherine Dehollain

PlaCiTUS - Reconfigurable Baseband Architecture for Digital Radio
Budhaditya Banerjee, Christian Enz


Project Photos