Expert in materials tailoring, surface and interface engineering, process kinetics and rheology, hybrid materials and process integration
Connecting the renewable energy to green mobility using Hydrogen as energy carrier under the Belenos Clean power Initiative

Expert in membranes and electrochemical cells
Lorenz Gubler
Expert in low level rf feedback design
Emmanuel Onillon

Project Description

The use of H2 based on renewable resources  to substitute  fossil fuels for mobility and  stationary  applications  is key to reduce C02 emissions. The challenges targeted by the project are cost reduction and enhanced safety, primarily for  

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Notable publications

Effect of silane coupling agent on the thermomechanical, dielectric and electromechanical properties of PVDF-TrFE/BaTiO3 composites
S. Dalle Vacche, F. Oliveira, Y. Leterrier, V. Michaud, D. Damjanovic, Jan-Anders Månson
Journal of Materials Science

Process influences on the structure, piezoelectric and gas-barrier properties of P(VDF-TrFE) (81-19) copolymer
F. Oliveira, Y. Leterrier, Jan-Anders Månson, O. Sereda, A. Neels, A. Dommann, D. Damjanovic
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, Volume 52, Issue 7

Radiation Grafted Membranes for Fuel Cells: Strategies to Compete with PFSA Membranes
L. Gubler, L. Bonorand
ECS Trans., accepted (2013).

Viscoelastic Phase Diagram of Fluorinated and Grafted Polymer Films and Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications
Leterrier Y., Thivolle J., Oliveira F., Jan-Anders Månson, L. Gubler, Ben youcef H., Bonorand L.,
J. Polym. Sci. B: Polym. Phys., 51, 1139-1148 (2013)


Posters from 2013

Materials with optimized properties for H2 storage
O. Sereda, A. Neels, A. Dommann, F. Oliveira, Y. Leterrier, J.-A. Manson

Insights into Processing-Properties-Performance (3P) Relationships in Radiation Grafted Fuel Cell Membranes
Lorenz Gubler, Lukas Bonorand, Fabiane Oliveira, Yves Leterrier, Jan-Anders Manson

Process influences on the structure, piezoelectric and gas-barrier properties of P(VDF-TrFE) (81-19) copolymer
Fabiane Oliveira, Yves Leterrier, Jan-Anders Manson, Olha Sereda, Antonia Neels, Alex Dommann

Posters from 2012

Novel high performing fuel cell membranes based on fluorinated polymers
Bonorand, Reichel, Thut, Gubler, Scherer, Leterrier, Thivolle, Oliveira, Manson

Greenpower control station
Onillon, Stauffer, Meier, Lisowski, Roustom

High barrier piezoelectric nanocomposites based on fluorinated polymers
Oliveira, Leclaire, Leterrier, Manson, Sereda, Neels, Dommann

High pressure gas storage composite vessel based on carbon fiber braided architectures
Velut, Tween, Friderici, Leterrier, Manson, Gashi, Roustom

Posters from 2011

Self-Sensing High Pressure Hydrogen Storage Vessel
Judith Waller, Fabiane Oliveira, Robert Tween, Paul Velut, Yves Leterrier, Jan-Anders Manson

Tailor-made proton conducting membranes for fuel cells prepared via radiation grafting
Lorenz Gubler, Hicham Ben youcef, Lukas Bonorand, G. Scherer, F. Oliveira, Y. Leterrier, J.-A. Manson, B. Roustom, A. Closset


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