ETHZ / Computer Engineering & Networks Lab.
Expert in Resource constrained system optimization, RF communication, computer engineering
Lothar Thiele
Monitoring Alpine Mass Movements at Multiple Scales

Expert in wireless and embedded systems
Jan Beutel
Expert in satellite geodesy and precise navigation
Alain Geiger
FOEN/BAFU - Federal Office for the Environment 
Expert in risk management on landslides, the monitoring and the development of remote sensing applications for mass movements
Hugo Raetzo
Gamma Remote Sensing
Expert in radar remote sensing applications
Tazio Strozzi
Gamma Remote Sensing
Expert in modelling rapid dynamic changes of glaciers
Andreas Vieli

Project Description

In the context of climate change X-Sense investigates why mountain slopes get unstable with a focus on high-alpine terrain (permafrost). Here the consortium develops wireless measurement technology, integrates  across various  sensing dimensions,  develops advanced processing and data fusion algorithms to better  understand and forecast natural hazards. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Towards Enabling Long-Term Performance Guarantees For Solar Energy Harvesting Embedded System.
B. Buchli, F. Sutton, J. Beutel, L. Thiele
Proc. 11th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2014), Oxford, UK, 2014 (Submitted).

Estimating velocity from noisy GPS data for investigating the temporal variability of slope movements
Wirz, V., Gubler, S., Gruber, S. and Purves, R.

GNSS Instrumentation State and First Results from Project SWISS 4D II
Villiger Arturo and Geiger Alain
2nd Annual Meeting of COGEAR

Villiger Arturo, Geiger Alain, Marti Urs, Brockmann Elmar
International Association of Geodesy Scientific Assembly


Posters from 2013

Low-Power Wireless Bus
Federico Ferrari, Marco Zimmerling, Luca Mottola, Lothar Thiele

FlockLab: A Testbed for Distributed, Synchronized Tracing and Profiling of Wireless Embedded Systems
Roman Lim, Federico Ferrari, Marco Zimmerling, Christoph Walser, Jan Beutel

Mass Deployment of Miniature Temperature Loggers with iButton Assist for Android Smartphones
Matthias Keller, Jonathan Müller, Jan Beutel and Stephan Gruber

How Was Your Journey? Uncovering Routing Dynamics in Deployed Sensor Networks with Multi-hop Network Tomography
Matthias Keller, Jan Beutel, Lothar Thiele


Posters from 2012

CamZilla: High-Resolution Imaging for Detecting Temporal and Spatial Changes in the Environment
Beutel, Ursula Keller, Gsell, Walser, Yuecel

GPS-equipped Wireless Sensor Network for High-accuracy Positioning
Buchli, Sutton, Limpach, Beutel

The potential of merging multiscale data sequences
Neyer, Su, Limpach, Delaloye, Raetzo, Beutel, Gruber

FlockLab: A Feature-Rich Testbed for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lim, Walser, Beutel

Posters from 2011

X-Sense GPS Logger Platform
Bernhard Buchli, Vanessa Wirz, Jan Beutel, Stephan Gruber, Philippe Limpach

Feature-Rich Platform for WSN Node Design Space Exploration
Bernhard Buchli, Mustafa Yuecel, Roman Lim, Tonio Gsell, Jan Beutel

Efficient Data Retrieval for Interactive Browsing of Large Sensor Network Data Sets
Matthias Keller, Lothar Thiele, Jan Beutel

Getting the Most Accurate Velocity Fields: Data Fusion of GPS and InSAR
Fabian Neyer, Philippe Limpach, Zhenzhong Su, Alain Geiger, Tazio Strozzi, Hugo Raetzo


Project Photos