CSEM/Division Thin Film Optics 
Expert in thin film optics
Giovanni Nisato
1st Swiss E-Print workshop

Expert in printed and smart systems on flexible foil, power MEMS, micromachined sensors and micro analytical instruments for gas detection.
Danick Briand
Expert in functionalization, CL array microfabrication and functionalization, top-down fabrication methods for nanowires
J├╝rgen Brugger
Expert in Sensors, systems, networks, MEMS, NEMS, wireless, ultra low power, UWB,nanoelectronics, complex algorithms, energy scavenging, bio-interfaces
Philippe Fischer

December 1-2, 2011

Project Description

E-Printing is a key enabling technology that goes well beyond the established paper printing. In recent years, novel areas have matured, where printing techniques find increasingly a pathway from R&D to industrial manufacturing.  These areas not only include organic and plastic (opto-) electronics, but also micro-optical, bio-medical, MEMS fabrication and packaging, 3D rapid prototyping, flexible substrate technologies, roll-to-roll, etc. The key assets of Eprinting are among others: direct local additive process with no further lithography or etching, low-waste manufacturing with low environmental impact, digital approach allowing for rapid, maskless prototyping and flexible production, multi-material compatibility and combinatorial material printing approaches, etc. 

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