Expert in functionalization, CL array microfabrication and functionalization, top-down fabrication methods for nanowires
SiC nanomembranes for MEMS biofuel cell

Expert in MEMS design, SiC MEMS and micro energy harvesting technology
Alice (Haixia) Zhang

Project Description

PKU team will prepare and characterize SiC thin film on Si substrate, systematically investigate growth conditions and optimize its mechanical properties. EPFL team will pattern nanopore structures in the film and further fabricate SiC nanomembranes. Together, PKU and EPFL will functionalize the etched SiC pores with appropriate polymer and develop a microfluidic cell to demonstrate the principle of a biofuel cell by using glucose as fuel and enzyme as catalyst. 

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Notable publications

Field effect modulated nanofluidic diode membrane based on Al2O3/W heterogeneous nanopore arrays
S. Wu, F. Wildhaber, A. Bertsch, J. Brugger, P. Renaud
Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 213108-1-4 (2013)

High aspect ratio etching of nanopores in PECVD SiC through AAO mask
S. Wu, M.-O. Bammatter, W. Tang, V. Auzelyte, H. Zhang, J. Brugger
IEEE NEMS2013 proceedings