Expert in smart miniature antenna technology,microwave engineering-micro strip line
Anja Skrivervik
Bio Implantable Antennas

Expert in biochemistry, biosensors and cell  
Martha Liley
Expert in Implanted force sensor, MEMS, Fluidics, Microfabrication
Philippe Renaud

Expert in environmental health
Michael Riediker

Project Description

The aim of this project is the theoretical study, design and characterization of implantable antennas dedicated to in-body telemetry. The latter is used to transmit sensor data from an implanted module to a base station located out of the body, and receive instructions (for drug delivery for instance) from the same base station. The applications we have in mind for this project are far field telemetry, where sensor communications with base stations relatively far from the body (up to 10-15 meters) are considered. This relatively large communication range is very valuable not only for patient’s quality of life, and also in the situation in vivo tests in animals, as it avoids the manipulation of animals and thus lowers their stress. Communication with body worn base stations will also be considered as a mean of performance comparison. 

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Notable publications

Compact High-Performance Continuous-Wave Double-Resonance Rubidium Standard With 1.4 x 10(-13) tau(-1/2) Stability
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The Microloop-Gap Resonator: A Novel Miniaturized Microwave Cavity for Double-Resonance Rubidium Atomic Clocks
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Diminishing SAR for Wearable UHF Antennas
Trajkovikj, Jovanche; Skrivervik, Anja
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters


Posters from 2012

Wireless Power Transfer for Implantable Sensors @ 2.45 GHz - Safety and Design Issues
Trajkovikj, Kazanc, Merli, Dehollain, Skrivervik

Posters from 2011

Recent Advancements in Implanted Devices for Data Telemetry
Francesco Merli, Anja Skrivervik