Expert in Ultra low power electronics, Low noise sensor interface, Analog and digital signal processing
Developing smart, energy aware, user friendly wearable sensors and associated medical algorithms for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and childhood epilepsy, where the sensors derive power from the user's body energy (heat and motion) as well as from ambient light
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Expert in thermal modeling of multiprocessor architectures and thermal management, hardware/software co-design methods
David Atienza
Expert in printed and smart systems on flexible foil, power MEMS, micromachined sensors and micro analytical instruments for gas detection.
Danick Briand
Expert in compilers and network-aware applications
Thomas Gross
Expert in Energy scavenging for thermal and hybrid systems
Christofer Hierold
Expert in neuropsychologia, brain behavioural research, Alzheimer research
Maria Knyazeva
Expert in pediatric neurology and epileptology
Gabriele Wohlrab

Project Description

Increasingly the analysis of a patient’s physiological state requires long-term monitoring, during day to day activities, in order to precise a diagnosis or to evaluate the efficacy of an on-going treatment.  Although wearable sensors can significantly benefit mankind in this long-term monitoring process, today’s solutions invade the user’s normal life as sensing platforms require removal, replacement and reconfiguration for battery recharging. Moreover, they are often too large, user-unfriendly and difficult to interpret their results. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Phase and Frequency Self-configurable Efficient Low Voltage Harvester for Zero Power Wearable Devices
M. Ataei, A. Boegli, P. A. Farine
European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC)

A Wearable Device For Physical and Emotional Health Monitoring
Srinivasan Murali, Francisco Rincon, David Atienza
Computing in Cardiology 2015, Nice, France, 2015

Energy-Aware Embedded Classifier Design for Real-Time Emotion Analysis
Manoj Padmanabhan, Srinivasan Murali, Francisco Rincon and David Atienza
IEEE Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2015), Milan, Italy, 2015

Online Energy-Efficient Task-Graph Scheduling for Multicore Platforms
Karim Kanoun, Nicholas Mastronarde, David Atienza and Mihaela van der Schaar


Posters from 2016

EEG Oscillations in the aging brain
Elham Barzegaran, Maria G. Knyazeva

Wearable System for Real-Time Emotion Analysis
Fabio Dell'Agnola, Francisco Rincon, David Atienza

Triboelectric Generators for Harvesting Energy from Body Movements
Rubaiyet Iftekharul Haque, Etienne Lemaire, Christopher J. Borsa, Pierre-André Farine, Danick Briand

Energy-Aware Software for Wearable Medical Sensors
Ivana Unkovic, Stephan Koster, Dennis Majoe, Thomas Gross


Posters from 2015

Evaluation of Source Functional Connectivity in Low-Density EEG
Elham Barzegaran, Maria Knyazeva

Flexible On-Body Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
C.J. Borsa, P.-A. Farine, D. Briand

Energy Aware Platform for Wearable Smart Medical Sensors
Ivana Unkovic, Dennis Majoe, Thomas Gross

Energy-Aware Embedded Classifier Design for Real-Time Emotion Analysis
Soumya Subhra Basu, Manoj Padmanabhan, Srinivasan Murali, Francisco Rincón and David Atienza


Posters from 2014

Flexible On-Body Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Christopher Borsa, Pierre-André Farine, Danick Briand,

An Energy-Aware Runtime for Wearable Smart Medical Sensors
Ivana Unkovic, Dennis Majoe, Thomas Gross, Jürg Gutknecht

Comparison of lagged partial coherence fields based on high- and low-density EEG
Elham Barzegaran, Cristian Carmeli, Maria G. Knyazeva

Design of Integrated Circuits for Ultra-low Power Energy Harvesters
Milad Ataei, Christian Robert, Alexis Boegli, Pierre-André Farine

Posters from 2013

P.-A. Farine, D. Atienza, D. Briand, J. Gutknecht, C. Hierold, M. Knyazeva, G. Wohlrab, D. Majoe, A. Boegli


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