Expert in signals processing, biomedical imaging
Jean-Philippe Thiran
To combine innovative and non-invasive sensors into single monitoring systems integrated in smart textiles for the long-term monitoring of overweigh/obese patients
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Expert in thermal modeling of multiprocessor architectures and thermal management, hardware/software co-design methods
David Atienza
Expert in human kinetics and non-invasive monitoring
Mattia Bertschi
Expert in research and control of medical quality
Olivier Dériaz
Expert in Motion analysis
Urs Mäder
Expert in cardiology
Etienne Pruvot
EMPA St Gall/Schutz
Expert in Textile Materials and Fabrics
René Rossi
EMPA St Gall
Expert in blood flow in relation to cardiovascular disease
Nikolaos Stergiopulos
Expert in adaptive filtering, adaptive frequency tracking, robust spectral estimation, nonlinear signal modeling, electrocardiogram
Jean-Marc Vesin
USZ/Neonatology/BORL, ETHZ/NCZ
Expert in miniaturised systems for the life sciences, clinical trial in NIRS Spectrophotometry
Martin Wolf

Project Description

Obesity is a medical condition associated with multiple health problems. Multiple clinical guidelines about the identification, evaluation and treatment of overweight and obesity and its related risks already exist.  Importantly, these guidelines recommend the use of long-term monitoring systems that have not been adapted yet to the screening of large-scale populations to efficiently and simultaneously evaluate different physiological markers such as energy expenditure, hypertension, respiratory rate, stroke volume, heart rate and rhythm, etc. Indeed, physiological monitoring systems, if available, present multiple limitations, i.e. invasiveness, poor patient compliance, long-term skin intolerance, non-portable, limited power autonomy and memory, single-physiological marker oriented, sensitivity to motion artifacts, inaccurate estimates, etc. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Assessing spatial and temporal variability of air quality at the city scale using building-resolving dispersion modelling
A. Berchet, K. Zink, D. Brunner, L. Emmenegger

Towards an integrated system for high resolution air quality modelling at the urban scale
K. Zink, A. Berchet, D. Brunner, L. Emmenegger

Operation of a low-cost NO2/O3 sensor network in Zurich: Performance and applications
Mueller, M.D., Ch. Hueglin
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application

Statistical modelling of particle number concentration in Zurich at high spatio-temporal resolution utilizing data from a mobile sensor network
Mueller, M. D., D. Hasenfratz, O. Saukh, M. Fierz, C. Hueglin
Atmospheric Environment 126 (2016) 171-181


Posters from 2016

Estimating the Real-Time Respiratory Rate from the ECG with a Bank of Notch Filters
Leila Mirmohamadsadeghi, Jean-Marc Vesin

Tissue oximetry in presence of pathologically thick fat and adipose tissue layers
Stefan Kleiser, Nassim Nasseri, Daniel Ostojic, Martin Wolf

Innovative Approaches for Baroreflex Sensitivity Measurements
Sasan Yazdani, Jean-Marc Vesin

Stroke Volume Monitoring via Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
Fabian Braun, Martin Proença, Josep Solà, Mathieu Lemay, Jean-Philippe Thiran

Posters from 2015

Energy Expenditure Estimation by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Stefan Kleiser, Nassim Nasseri, Daniel Ostojic, Martin Wolf

Hemodynamic Bio-Impedance Model for Cardiovascular Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
Fabian Braun, Martin Proença, Michaël Rapin, Josep Solà, Mathieu Lemay, Jean-Philippe Thiran

The Respiratory Pattern as an Indicator of the Anaerobic Threshold
Leila Mirmohamadsadeghi, Jean-Marc Vesin, Mathieu Lemay, Olivier Dériaz

Real-Time Peak and Fiducial Points Extraction in Portable ECGs and PPGs
Sasan Yazdani, Jean-Marc Vesin

Posters from 2014

Adaptive mathematical morphology for QRS complex detection in ECG signals
Sasan Yazdani, Jean-Marc Vesin

Impact of heart motion on stroke volume estimation via electrical impedance tomography
Martin Proença, Fabian Braun, Michael Rapin, Josep Solà, Andy Adler, Bartlomiej Grychtol, Martin Bührer, Peter Krammer, Stephan Böhm, Mathieu Lemay, Jean-Philippe Thiran

Hemodynamic Monitoring Using Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)
Fabian Braun, Martin Proença, Michaël Rapin, Josep Solà, Mathieu Lemay, Jean-Philippe Thiran

Hardware / Software Optimizations for Efficient Embedded Digital Signal Processing in Wireless Body Sensor Nodes
Rubén Braojos, Giovanni Ansaloni, David Atienza


Posters from 2013

Monitoring the Consequences of Obesity
M. Lemay, O. Deriaz, E. Pruvot, U. Mäder, L. Scherer, J.-M. Vesin, J. Solà, N. Stergiopulos, D. Atienza, Martin Wolf, J.-P. Thiran


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