Expert in functionalization, CL array microfabrication and functionalization, top-down fabrication methods for nanowires
Europe Japan Opening of LIMMS

Expert in fabricating stretchable bio-electronic circuits
St├ęphanie Lacour

Project Description

EUJO-LIMMS is a FP7-INCO funded collaborative framework project involving CNRS (France), IIS U-Tokyo (Japan), EPFL (Switzerland), IMTEK (Germany) and VTT (Finland). The scientific challenge of EUJO-LIMMS is to push the frontiers of micro and nano systems technology by capitalizing on the complementary expertise of UT-IIS and European partners. The projects tackle either the development of very versatile nano technology, or advanced integration of heterogeneous processes. The combination of these leading know-hows allows targeting new applications toward flexible electronics, optical system and molecular and cellular bio-engineering. Advanced devices such as stretchable electronic circuits, mechanically flexible smart intracortical neural probes and labs on chip for biological cell trapping and testing, illustrate the application oriented topics foreseen in EUJO-LIMMS. 

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