Expert in major module image-guided therapies
Stefan Weber
Image-guided micro surgery for hearing aid implantation
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Expert in the application of numerical methods to study skeletal biomechanics as well as avascular soft tissues
Philippe Büchler
Expert in the development and implementation of novel surgical techniques and systems in the area of rhinology and otology
Marco Caversaccio
CSEM/Systems division
Expert in control of parallel robots, physiological parameter monitoring
Olivier Chételat
Expert in otolaryngology
Patrick Dubach
Expert in real-time Kernels, neural network applications, OCR technology
Edo Franzi
Expert in microsurgical robotics
Kate Gerber
Expert in medical image analysis and statistical shape models for orthopaedic research
Mauricio Reyes
Expert in partial differential equations, using linear and nonlinear functional analysis
Andreas Stahel
Expert in the theoretical and experimental characterization of the hierarchical mechanical properties of biological tissues and the development of patient-specific simulation models of the musculoskeletal system
Philippe Zysset

Project Description

Hearing impairment or loss is among the most common reasons for disability. Worldwide, 27% of men and 24% of women above the age of 45 suffer from hearing loss of 26dB and more.  Meaning that the person concerned can only hear sounds with a volume higher than 26dB, where whispering, quiet talking and loud radio music have sound pressures of 30dB, 50dB and 80dB respectively. In absolute numbers 80 to 100 million humans in the EU are suffering from hearing impairment. 

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Institute for Surgical Technology & Biomechanics - Nano-Tera Project

Notable publications

Reducing temperature elevation of bone drilling
A. Feldmann, P. Zysset
Int J CARS (2016) Volume: 11 (Suppl 1):1-286

Ensuring the safety of minimally invasive cochlear implantation
T. Williamson, N. Gerber, C. Rathgeb, W. Wimmer, J. Ansó, M. Caversaccio, S. Weber, K. Gavaghan
Int J CARS (2016) Volume: 11 (Suppl 1):1-286

Electrical impedance sensing to preserve the facial nerve during image-guided robotic cochlear implantation
J. Ansó, T. Williamson, T. Wyss Balmer, S. Weber, K. Gavaghan
Int J CARS (2016) Volume: 11 (Suppl 1):1-286

Ex-Vivo Evaluation of a Chorda Tympani Model for Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implantation
C. Rathgeb, K. Gavaghan, C. Dür, O. Scheidegger, T. Williamson, L. Anschütz, M. Caversaccio, S. Weber, N. Gerber
Int J CARS (2016) Volume: 11 (Suppl 1):1-286


Posters from 2016

Development of a Mathematical Model of the Electrical Properties of Bone
Thomas Wyss Balmer, Juan Anso, Andreas Staehl, Philippe Büchler

Super-Resolution Classification Improves Facial Nerve Segmentation for CBCT imaging
Ping Lu, Livia Barazzetti, Vimal Chandran, Kate Gavaghan, Stefan Weber, Nicolas Gerber, Mauricio Reyes

Clinical Integration of Nerve-monitoring for Robotic Cochlear Implantation
Juan Ansó, Cilgia Dür, Laetitia Perroud, Tom Williamson, Nicolas Gerber, Kai Rösler, Marco Caversaccio, Stefan Weber, Kate Gavaghan

Reducing temperature elevation of bone drilling
Arne Feldmann, Jasmin Wandel, Philippe Zysset

Posters from 2015

Patient-Specific Electrode Array Selection for Cochlear Implantation
W. Wimmer, A. Dhanasingh, C. Jolly, Stefan Weber, M. Kompis, M. Caversaccio

Temperature Model for bone drilling based on bone density and in vivo validation experiments
Arne Feldmann, Juan Anso, Brett Bell, Tom Williamson, Nicolas Gerber, Kate Gavaghan, Helene Rohrbach, Stefan Weber, Philippe Zysset

Can neuromonitoring protect the facial nerve during image-guided cochlear implantation?
Juan Ansó, Cilgia Dür, Kate Gavaghan, Marco Caversaccio, Stefan Weber

Facial nerve image enhancement from CBCT imaging using supervised learning techniques
Ping Lu, Livia Barazzetti, Vimal Chandran, Kate Gavaghan, Stefan Weber, Nicolas Gerber, and Mauricio Reyes


Posters from 2014

Strategies for Head Movement in CT Imaging
Ping Lu, Tom Williamson, Nicolas Gerber, Brett Bell, Stefan Weber, Mauricio Reyes

A-Mode Ultrasound Based Registration for Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implantation
Tom Williamson, Nicolas Gerber, Marco Caversaccio, Stefan Weber, Brett Bell

Electrical Impedance Measurement in the Mastoid Bone
Thomas Wyss, Juan Ansó, Brett Bell, Damien Ferrario, Enric Muntane, Andreas Stahel, Philippe Büchler

Nanotracking for image-guided microsurgery
Amina Chebira, Eric Grenet, Pierre-Alain Beuchat, Alexandre Corbaz, Edo Franzi, David Hasler, Péter Masa


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