Expert in analog and digital electronics, the design of integrated systems and the cross-disciplinary field of biosensors
Carlotta Guiducci
Developing therapeutic drug monitoring by designing a point-of-care system to measure drug concentration in blood samples and adjust dosage accordingly
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ST Microelectronics
Expert in semiconductors
Marco Bianchessi
ST Microelectronics
CHUV/Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Expert in Evidence-based medicine
Thierry Buclin
Expert in therapeutic proteins and peptides
Christian Heinis
Expert in Implanted force sensor, MEMS, Fluidics, Microfabrication
Philippe Renaud
HES-SO/Institute of Business Information Systems
Expert in eHealth, traffic management, mobile applications and simulations
Michael Ignaz Schumacher
Expert in authentification of foods & elemental analysis and in methods validation according to ISO 1702
Jean-Manuel Segura
Expert in bio-inspired agent frameworks
Yann Thoma

Project Description

Modern therapeutics must benefit from the development and large-scale implementation of convenient, user-friendly, miniaturized, integrated instruments enabling drug concentration monitoring and seamless pharmacokinetically guided dosage individualization. Technological advances during recent years make it possible to envisage a portable system, which would allow to perform drug concentration measurement in patients receiving critical treatments. The device should be offered at affordable cost to specialized clinics, and progressively to general practices or even to the patients themselves (as it is already the case for blood glucose determination). Translation of concentration measurement values into personalized treatment advices requires the integration of efficient and ergonomic computer tools into the system.  These need to be coupled with communication capabilities, which are nowadays becoming a standard in many aspects of medical care, in order to be connected to reference pharmacokinetic-parameters databases. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Peak shift measurement of localized surface plasmon resonance by a portable electronic system
G. Cappi, E. Accastelli, V. Cantale, M. A. Rampi, L. Benini, and C. Guiducci

Privacy preserving interoperability for personalised medicine
Alevtina Valeryevna Dubovitskaya, Visara Urovi, Matteo Vasirani, Karl Aberer, Aline Fuchs, Thierry Buclin, Yann Thoma, Michael I. Schumacher
Swiss Medical Informatics

How Blockchain could Empower eHealth: an Application for Radiation Oncology
Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Zhigang Xu, Samuel Ryu, Michael Schumacher and Fusheng Wang
Springer, 2017, Proceedings

Secure and Trustable Electronic Medical Records Sharing using Blockchain
Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Zhigang Xu, Samuel Ryu, Michael Schumacher and Fusheng Wang
in: AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2017


Posters from 2016

Point-of care sample preparation for blood microsamples
Forchelet D., Beguin S., Deglon J., Thomas A., Renaud P.

Performance of Individualized Bayesian Dosage Adjustment for Voriconazole: a simulation study
Aziz Chaouch, Robert Hooper, Chantal Csajka, Valentin Rousson, Yann Thoma, Thierry Buclin

Label-free detection of small molecules in clinical samples - aptamers take the lead
Anna Ferretti, Enrico Tenaglia, Fabio Spiga, Carlotta Guiducci

Real-time detection and quantification of small molecules drugs by T-LSPR
G. Cappi, A. Ferretti, Y. Moncada, F. M. Spiga, M. Bianchessi, C. Guiducci


Posters from 2015

Approximate prediction percentiles for non-linear mixed effects models with continuous responses
Aziz Chaouch, Thierry Buclin and Valentin Rousson

Population pharmacokinetic study to evaluate dosing strategies of imipenem in neonates and infants
Aline Fuchs, Eric Giannoni, Monia Guidi, Laurent A. Decosterd, Oscar Marchetti, Marc Pfister, Nicolas Widmer, Thierry Buclin, Chantal Csajka

EzeCHieL: an Evaluation-Prediction Engine for Medical Drug Concentrations
Yann Sutter, Robert Hooper, Thierry Buclin, Aline Fuchs, Yann Thoma

Blood sample preparation for drug monitoring
David Forchelet, Philippe Renaud


Posters from 2014

Ezechiel : a story of individualized medicine. Case of gentamicin dosing regimen in neonates
Aline Fuchs, Yann Thoma, Yann Sutter, Jérôme Stadelmann, Chantal Csajka, Monia Guidi, Nicolas Widmer, Thierry Buclin

Characterization of SiNRs in microfluidic channels for the detection of sub-500 Da molecules in solution
Enrico Accastelli, Giulia Cappi, Fabio Spiga, Julien Buckley, Thomas Ernst, Barbara De Salvo and Carlotta Guiducci

Privacy Preserving Interoperability for Personalized Medicine
Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Visara Urovi, Matteo Vasirani, Karl Aberer, Aline Fuchs, Thierry Buclin, Yann Thoma, Michael Ignaz Schumacher

EzeCHieL Interoperability: From Blood to Everywhere
Yann Sutter, Jérôme Stadelmann, Alevtina Dubovitskaya, Michael Schumacher, Aline Fuchs, Thierry Buclin, Yann Thoma


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