Expert in Micro-/Nano-robotics
Bradley Nelson
Developing a wound dressing with an integrated sensing layer for non-invasive wound monitoring using fluorescence lifetime detection
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Expert in the development of non-invasive body-monitoring sensors based on optical fibers, fluorescent textiles, and responsive membranes
Luciano Boesel
Expert in optical sensors systems for time-resolved fluorescence, gas sensing and biomedical applications
Stefano Cattaneo
Expert in biointerfaces
Greta Faccio
Expert in bone and cartilage research focusing on mechanisms of cartilage remodeling and resurfacing and substitutes for cartilage and bone
Brigitte von Rechenberg

Project Description

FlusiTex  will  develop  a  wound  dressing with  an  integrated  sensing  layer  for  non-invasive  wound monitoring using fluorescence lifetime detection. The sensing strategy relies on a functionalized coating integrated  onto  commercially available  wound  dressings.  Functionalization comprises  fluorescence modified  polymer hydrogels, enzymes  embedded  in fluorescence  labeled polymer  coatings,  and functionalized nanoparticles that also serve as a component of the coating layer. 

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Notable publications

Simultaneous detection of pH value and glucose concentrations for wound monitoring applications
Dagmara Jankowska , Markus M Bannwarth, Cindy Schulenburg, Greta Faccio, Katharina Maniura-Weber, René M Rossi, Lukas Scherer, Michael Richter, Luciano F Boesel

Smart Textiles as materials for continous health monitoring
Luciano F. Boesel
Materials and Technologies for Health Monitoring Workshop, Bangkok, Nov. 2015

Encapsulation of {FRET}-based glucose and maltose sensors to develop functionalized silica nanoparticles
Greta Faccio and Markus B. Bannwarth and Cindy Schulenburg and Victoria Steffen and Dagmara Jankowa and Martina Pohl and R. M. Rossi and K. Maniura-Weber and Luciano F. Boesel and Michael Richter
Analyst 2016, 141:3982-3984.

Cellular forces and matrix assembly coordinate fibrous tissue repairg
Sakar M.S., Eyckmans J., Pieters R., Eberli D., Nelson B.J., Chen C.S.
Nature Com. 7:11036 doi: 10.1038/ncomms11036 (2016).


Posters from 2016

A Fluorescent Biosensor for the Specific Neutrophil Elastase Detection
Faccio Greta, Schulenburg Cindy, Jankowska Dagmara, Maniura-Weber Katharina, Richter Michael

Monitoring of pH and metabolites in wound healing processes
Jankowska Dagmara, Bannwarth Markus, Schulenburg Cindy, Faccio Greta, Scherer Lukas, Maniura-Weber Katharina, Rossi Renè, Richter Michael and Boesel Luciano

Development of a Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Reader for Monitoring Wound Healing
Christoph Hofer, Stefano Cattaneo, Hans-Rudolf Graf, Stéphane Emery, Pierre-Alain Beuchat

Posters from 2015

Wound pad as a biosensor to monitor wound healing
Dagmara Jankowska, Greta Faccio, Cindy Schulenburg, Markus Bannwarth, Luciano Boesel, Michael Richter

Development of Oxygen Sensing Pads and Fluorescence Life-time Imaging Platforms for Monitoring Wound Healing
Xiangzhong Chen, Christoph Hofer, Mahmut Selman Sakar, Stefano Cattaneo, Brigitte von Rechenberg, Bradley Nelson

Posters from 2014

Fabrication of Fluorescence Sensors Integrated in a Textile Dressing for Non-invasive Lifetime based Wound Monitoring
Brad Nelson, Michael Richter, Lukas Scherer, Stefano Cattaneo, and Brigitte von Rechenberg


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