Expert in real-time µKernels, neural network applications, OCR technology
Edo Franzi
Gateway extension of RTD project HearRestore
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Expert in metrology, real-time image processing and image-guided surgery
Gaƫtan Marti

Project Description

Hearing impairment or loss is among the most common reasons for disability. Worldwide, 27% of men and 24% of women above the age of 45 suffer from hearing loss of 26dB and more. Meaning that the person concerned can only hear sounds with a volume higher than 26d8, where whispering, quiet talking and loud radio music have sound pressures of 30dB, 50dB and 80dB respectively. ln absolute numbers 80 to L00 million humans in the EU are suffering from hearing impairment. 

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Posters from 2016

A wireless tracker platform for 6D surgical navigation
Amina Chebira, Pascal Nussbaum, Eric Grenet, Pierre-Alain Beuchat, Laurent Cossettini, Maurice Hälg, Gaëtan Marti, Edo Franzi