Expert in Implanted force sensor, MEMS, Fluidics, Microfabrication
Philippe Renaud
Cell-based sensing microsystem

Expert in microsensors, microfluidics and  
Nico De Rooij
Expert in optical sensors and electronic  
Martial Geiser
Expert in electrochemistry and biosensors
Hubert Girault
Expert in biochemistry, biosensors and cell  
Martha Liley

Expert in environmental health
Michael Riediker
Expert in microbial adaptation and bacterial  
Jan van der Meer
Expert in biological nanosystems and cell biology
Viola Vogel

Project Description

Environmental monitoring  is crucial to preserve the health of humans and animals. The project goal was to develop semi-autonomous sensing nodes that sense water quality and rely results to a remote risk management center. The idea was to rapidly detect any potential threat in the environment, thus the consortium prioritized high selectivity over high specificity. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Exploit Extracellular Matrix as Mechanotransducer
B.Li, C. Moshfegh, Z. Lin, J. Albuschies & V. Vogel
Scientific Reports 3, Article number: 2425

The role of filopodia in the recognition of Nanotopographies
J. Albuschies, V. Vogel
Scientific Reports 3:1658

Nogo-A is a negative regulator of CNS angiogenesis,
T. Wälchl, V. Pernet, O. Weinmann, JY Shiu, A. Guzik-Kornacka, G. Decrey, D. Yüksel, H. Schneider, J. Vogel, D. E. Ingber, V. Vogel, K. Frei, M. E. Schwab, Nogo-A is a negative regulator of CNS angiogenesis, PNAS, 2013.
PNAS vol. 110 no. 21 E1943-E1952 (2013)

Label-free recognition of drug resistance via impedimetric screening of breast cancer cells.
B. Eker, R. Meissner, A. Bertsch, K. Mehta, P. Renaud
PLoS ONE, 8(3): e57423, 2013


Posters from 2013

Electrochemical As(III) Whole-Cell Based Biochip Sensor
Fernando Cortes Salazar, Siham Beggah, Jan Roelof van der Meer and Hubert Girault

Portable Automated Osmolality and pH Adjusting Apparatus for Pretreatment of Environmental Water Samples Delivered into a Cell-based Biosensor
Sara Talaei, Yusaku Fujii, Frederic Truffer, Peter D. van der Wal, Nico. F. de Rooij

Mini table-top incubator for epithelial cells
Martial Geiser, Frederic Truffer, Ahmed Sher, Martha Liley

Transepithelial Electrical Resistance on Cell Cultures for in vitro Toxicity Testing of Water Samples
Ahmed Sher, Frderic Truffer, Marta Giazzon, Melanie Favre, Barbara Rothen-Ruthishauser, Martial Geiser, Martha Liley


Posters from 2012

Posters from 2011

Distinguishing drug-induced minor morphological changes from major cellular damage via label-free impedimetric toxicity screening
Robert Meissner, Bilge Eker, Philippe Renaud

Electrochemical Sensors for Living Cell Toxicity Detection
Fernando Cortes Salazar, Siham Beggah, Hongyan Bi, Valerie Devaud, Jan van der Meer, Philippe Renaud, Hubert Girault

On-line adjustment of osmolarity in miniaturized cell-based analysis systems
Sara Talaei, Peter van der Wal, Nico de Rooij

Evaluation of an autonomous micro-fluidic system with fluorescence detection
Frederic Truffer, Darko Petrovic, Pierre Fumeaux, Serge Amoos, Simon Crelier, Martial Geiser


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