Expert in electrical properties of nanoscaled devices
Integrateable Silicon NANOWIRE SENSOR Platform

UniBasel/Swiss Nanoscience Institute
Expert in formation mechanisms and functionality in molecular junctions
Michel Calame

Expert in biological test beds for diagnosis and screening (protein sensing and glucose detection
Beat Ernst
Paul Scherrer Institute/LMN
Expert in silicon and solid state processing and technology
Jens Gobrecht
Paul Scherrer Institute
Expert in fabrication and modelling
Andreas Hierlemann
Expert in nanowire GAA FET fabrication platform-local strain technology, abrupt switch concepts, concept-modelling and fabrication
Adrian Ionescu
Expert in Multifunctional nanoparticles. passivation chemical functionalization
Uwe Pieles
ETH Zurich/Inst. for Biomedical Engineering/Lab. of Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Expert in biosensors-functionalization and characterization of plasmonic elements
Janos Vörös
ETH Zurich

Project Description

Today electronics provides the means for complex computing and drives the communication society. The availability of electronics has been enabled to a large extent by integration  technology. In analogy to electronics the same concept of integration is today pursued in analytics and chemical synthesis. These "labs on chips’; as they are called, will enable better and faster medical diagnosis. Silicon-based electronic components for biochemical sensing, as they are developed in this project, are crucial elements for such chips. 

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Our researchers in the media

Bioelectronics - Interfacing electronics with biology

Towards a ten-fold increase in electronic device efficiency

Notable publications

A robust platform for textile integrated gas sensors
C Ataman, T Kinkeldei, G Mattana, A Vásquez Quintero, F Molina-Lopez, J Courbat, K Cherenack, D Briand, G Tröster, NF de Rooij
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

Woven temperature and humidity sensors on flexible plastic substrates for e-textile applications
Giorgio Mattana, Thomas Kinkeldei, David Leuenberger, Caglar Ataman, Jinyu J Ruan, Francisco Molina-Lopez, Andrés Vásquez Quintero, Giovanni Nisato, Gerhard Tröster, Danick Briand, Nico F de Rooij
IEEE Sensors Journal

Phase-locked loop based on nanoelectromechanical resonant-body field effect transistor
S. T. Bartsch, A. Rusu and M. A. Ionescu
Applied Physics Letters

Experimental confirmation of temperature dependent negative capacitance in ferroelectric field effect transistor
Salvatore, Giovanni A.; Rusu, Alexandru; Ionescu, Adrian M.
Applied Physics Letters


Posters from 2014

High-k Dielectric FinFETs for Ionic and Biological Sensing Integrated Circuits
Sara Rigante, Mathias Wipf, Paolo Scarbolo, Ralph Stoop, Kristine Bedner, Giulio Navarra, Paolo Livi, Adrian M. Ionescu

The Essential Requirements of ISFET Sensors for Biochemical Detection
Ralph Stoop, Mathias Wipf, Alexey Tarasov, Kristine Bedner, Wangyang Fu, Michel Calame, Christian Schönenberger

A Biochemical Sensor Based on an ISFET Platform
Mathias Wipf, Ralph Stoop, Giulio Navarra, Alexey Tarasov, Kristine Bedner, Wangyang Fu, Michel Calame, Christian Schönenberger

Posters from 2013

High-k Dielectric FinFETs for Ion and Biological Sensing Integrated Circuits
Sara Rigante and A. M. Ionescu

Posters from 2012

Nanowire sensors for chemical and biological detection
Kurz, Pieles

Sensing with Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors
Tarasov, Wipf, Stoop, Bedner, Kurz, Knopfmacher, Fu, Odedra, Calame, Christian Schönenberger

Metal Nanostructures for Biosensing - Plasmonics, Electrical Detection & Simulations
Dielacher, MacKenzie, Guzenko, Minamisawa, V

Comparison between SiNWs and Optical Sensors Functionalized with Ligands Recognizing the Bacterial Lectin FimH
Navarra G., Scharenberg M., Tarasov A., Wipf M., Stoop R., and Ernst B.

Posters from 2011


Project Photos