Expert in Wearable Systems
Technology Integration into Textiles: Empowering Health and Security

Expert in Advanced Fibers
Manfred Heuberger
EMPA St Gall
Expert in Wearable Systems for Biosensors
Jean Luprano
EMPA St Gall/Schutz
Expert in Textile Materials and Fabrics
René Rossi
EMPA St Gall
Expert in Integrated Optical Sensor
Guy Voirin
USZ/Neonatology/BORL, ETHZ/NCZ
Expert in miniaturised systems for the life sciences, clinical trial in NIRS Spectrophotometry
Martin Wolf

Project Description

TeclnTex aims at the development of truly textile-based advanced (electrical or optical) fibers incorporating sensors, signal transmission or other  active components  based on nanotechnology.  A textile-based Near Infrared Spectroscopy fabric and an intelligent  underwear for paraplegics demonstrate the functionality in a clinical setup. 

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Our researchers in the media

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If the computer fits, wear it

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Notable publications

Wafer-scale design of lightweight and transparent electronics that wraps around hair
Giovanni Antonio Salvatore, Niko Münzenrieder, Thomas Kinkeldei, Luisa Petti, C. Zysset, Ivo Strebel, Lars Büthe and Gerhard Tröster
Nature Communications

Preparation of Light-responsive Membranes by a Combined Surface Grafting and Postmodification Process
Schoeller, Katrin; Baumann, Lukas; Hegemann, Dirk; Decourten, Damien; M. Wolf; R. M. Rossi; Scherer, Lukas J.
Journal of Visualized Experiments

Tuning the resistance of polycarbonate membranes by plasma-induced graft surface modification
Baumann, Lukas; Hegemann, Dirk; Decourten, Damien; M. Wolf; R. M. Rossi; Meier, Wolfgang P.; Scherer, Lukas J.
Applied Surface Science

Development of light-responsive porous polycarbonate membranes for controlled caffeine delivery
Baumann, Lukas; Schöller, Katrin; Decourten, Damien; Marti, Dominik; Frenz, Martin; M. Wolf; R. M. Rossi; Scherer, Lukas J.
Royal Society of Chemistry


Posters from 2013

E-Fibers: Sensor Functionality
Martin Drabik, Katrin Schöller, Dirk Hegemann, Sabyasachi Gaan, Manfred Heuberger

Mechanically flexible electronics based on IGZO TFTs
Niko Münzenrieder, Christoph Zysset, Thomas Kinkeldei, Lars Büthe, Giovanni Salvatore, Gerhard Tröster

Textile Integrated Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System
Christoph Zysset, Nassim Nasseri, Lars Büthe, Niko Münzenrieder, Thomas Kinkeldei, Luisa Petti, Stefan Kleiser, Giovanni Salvatore, Martin Wolf, Gerhard Tröster

Integrating Electronics into Woven Textiles
Christoph Zysset, Niko Münzenrieder, Thomas Kinkeldei, Lars Büthe, Giovanni Salvatore, Gerhard Tröster


Posters from 2012

E-Fibers: Sensor Functionality
Lawes, Drabik, Schoeller, Hegemann, Gaan

Flexible electronics for smart textiles
Christoph Zysset, T. Kinkeldei, N. Munzenrieder, G. Salvatore, G. Troster

Biosensing with Optical Fiber Fabrics
Schyrr, Pasche, Ischer, Ferrario, Porchet, Voirin, Krehel, Rossi, Scherer

Posters from 2011

Flexible Electronics for Smart Textile Applications
Christoph Zysset, Niko Munzenrieder, T. Kinkeldei, K. Cherenack, G. Troster

Flexible polymer optical fibres for biosensing with textiles
Bastien Schyrr, St

Efibers: Protective Coatings and Piezoresistive Properties
Langecker, Gaan, Ritter, Koll, Clemens, Heuberger


Project Photos