Expert in sensor technologies, thick film technologies, product design methods and low-cost manufacturing
Peter Ryser
Smart Implants for Orthopaedics Surgery

Expert in Gait, Biomechanics of movement, Sensors fusion
Kamiar Aminian
Expert in Wireless electronics, RFID-circuit design, Low-power physiological sensing
Catherine Dehollain
Expert in Ultra low power electronics, Low noise sensor interface, Analog and digital signal processing
Pierre André Farine
Expert in Orthopedics surgery and Prosthesis design
Brigitte Jolles-Haeberli

Expert in Prosthesis design and manufacturing
Vincent Leclercq
Expert in Implanted force sensor, MEMS, Fluidics, Microfabrication
Philippe Renaud

Project Description

The goal of the SimOS project is to design a system to measure biomechanical  parameters of a knee prosthesis, in clinical field or during daily activity. This system will be constituted of partly implanted and partly external tools and could help the medical doctors during the surgery and the rehabilitation and increase the quality oflife of the patients. 

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Our researchers in the media

Notable publications

Ultra-low power palladium-coated MEMS resonators for hydrogen detection under ambient conditions
Jonas Henriksson, Luis Guillermo Villanueva, Jürgen Brugger
Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems

Ultra-low power hydrogen sensing based on a palladium-coated nanomechanical beam resonator
Jonas Henriksson, Luis Guillermo Villanueva, Juergen Brugger

Instrumented prosthesis for knee implants monitoring
Arash Arami, Matteo Simoncini, Oguz Atasoy, Willyan Carreira Hasenkamp, Shafqat Ali, Arnaud Bertsch, Eric Meurville, Steve Tanner, Hooman Dejnabadi, Vincent Leclercq
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering

Polyimide/SU-8 catheter-tip MEMS gauge pressure sensor
Willyan Carreira Hasenkamp, David Forchelet, Kristopher Pataky, Jimmy Villard, Harald Van Lintel, Arnaud Bertsch, Qing Wang, Philippe Renaud
Biomed Microdevices


Posters from 2013

Instrumented prosthesis for knee implant monitoring
Matteo Simoncini, Arash Arami, Oguz Atasoy, David Forchelet, Shafqat Ali

Posters from 2012

Integrated electronics for remote sensing of a knee prosthesis
Tanner, Ali, Banjevic, Atasoy, Dehollain, Farine

Sensory System in SImOS
Hasenkamp, Arami, Simoncini, Atasoy, Ali, Bertsch, Meurville, Tanner, Leclercq, Renaud, Dehollain, Farine, Jolles-Haeberli, Kamiar Aminian, Ryser

Instrumented knee prosthesis for force and kinematics measurements
Simoncini, Arami, Atasoy, Hasenkamp, Ali

Posters from 2011

Evaluation from large-scale demonstration to ASIC design for SImOS project
Ali Shafqat, Matteo Simoncini

Internal Sensory System for SImOS
Willyan Hasenkamp Carreira, Arash Arami, Arnaud Bertsch, Philippe Renaud, Kamiar Aminian

Instrumented prosthesis for knee implants monitoring
Matteo Simoncini, Arash Arami, Oguz Atasoy, Willyan Hasenkamp, Shafqat Ali

ASIC design blocks of SImOS project
Oguz Atasoy, Shafqat Ali


Project Photos