Expert in Fluidics technology, nanodispensing and simulation
Alex Dommann
Network of integrated miniaturized X-ray systems operating in complex environments

EMPA Thun/Schutz
Expert in plasma deposition of organic molecules
Pierangelo Gröning
ETHZ/D-PHYS/SOLID/Physics of New Materials
Expert in low-dimensional magnetism. liquid crystals. semiconductor photoelectro-chemistry. epitaxial interfaces and surfaces. scanning probe techniques. epitaxial growth
Hans von Känel

Project Description

This project  targets the development of novel pocket X- ray sources and X- ray direct  detectors  that will be combined  in a distributed network to facilitate X-ray imaging in areas where it was not used up to now. 

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Notable publications

Au-Sn Transient Liquid Phase Bonding for Hermetic Sealing and Getter Activation
S. Giudice, Ch. Bosshard
Proc. EMPC , sept 2013, Grenoble

X-ray source downscaling enabled by combining microfabricated electrodes with carbon nanotube cold electron emitters
C. Kottler, R. Longtin, S. Giudice, R. Jose-James, P. Niedermann, A. Neels, R. Kaufmann, J-R. Sanchez-Valencia, H. R. Elsener, Oliver Gröning, C. Leinenbach, P. Gröning, A. Dommann
Journal of Microelectronic Engineering, accepted for publication

X-ray nano-diffraction on epitaxial crystals
M. Medua, C.V. Falub, F. Isa, D. Chrastina, T. Kreiliger, G. Isella, A.G. Taboada, P. Niedermann, H. von Känel
Quantum Matter, accepted for publication

Self-aligned Ge and SiGe epitaxy on dense Si pillar arrays
R. Bergamaschini, F. Isa, C.V. Falub, P. Niedermann, E. Müller, G. Isella, H. von Känel, L. Miglio
Surf. Sci. Rep, in press


Posters from 2013

Towards Ge X-Ray detector monolithically integrated on Si CMOS
Thomas Kreiliger, Alfonso G. Taboada, Claudiu V. Falub, Alex Dommann, Tobias Bandi, Rolf Kaufmann, Schahrazede Mouaziz, Antonia Neels, Philippe Niedermann, Aurelie Pezous, Yingyun Zha, Fabio Isa, Daniel Chrastina, Giovanni Isella, Leo Miglio, Bertram Batlogg, Hans von Känel

Strain free GaAs grown on Si by MOVPE
Alfonso G. Taboada, Thomas Kreiliger, Claudiu V. Falub, Mirja Richter, Fabio Isa, Elisabeth Müller, Emanuelle Uccelli, Philippe Niedermann, Antonia Neels, Giovanni Isella, Jean Fompeyrine, Alex Dommann, Hans von Kaenel

NEXRAY: Next Generation X-rays
A. Dommann, H. von Känel, P. Gröning et al.

Posters from 2012

Towards a Ge X-Ray detector monolithically integrated on a Si CMOS chip
Kreiliger, Taboada, Falub, Domman, Bandi, Kaufmann, Neels, Niedermann, Pezous, Zha, Fabio Isa, Chrastina, Isella, Miglio, Batlogg, von Kaenel

NEXRAY - Next Generation X-Rays

Towards miniature carbon-nanotube based X-ray sources
Giudice, Jose James, Spinola Durante, Bosshard, Muller, Niedermann, Kottler, Dommann, Elsener, Valencia-Sanchez, Groening

Posters from 2011

Miniaturized X-ray source: packaging aspects
Sandra Giudice, Alex Dommann


Technology of the absorbent layer for the next generation X-ray detectors


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