Nano-Tera Opening Meeting 2008: Virtual Edition

scope of the event:
provide scientific and
procedural information

In its Message on Education, Research and Innovation for 2008-2011, the Federal Council has proposed to provide funds to the initiative. Based on the positive decision by the Swiss Parliament, will support, starting in 2008, a range of research and educational projects. is centered on the research, development and application of micro, nano and information technologies to embedded systems, networks and software to support health, security and environmental monitoring. The broad objectives of the program are both to improve quality of life and security of people across different levels of education, wealth and age and to create innovative products, technologies and manufacturing methods, thus resulting in job and revenue creation.

January 28th, 2008

Bellevue Palace, Salon du Palais, Kochergasse 3-5, CH-3000 Bern 7


2.00 pm
- 5.00 pm
Public presentation of the program with questions and answers
5.00 pm Aperitif

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