Nano-Tera Annual Plenary Meeting 2010: Virtual Edition

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09.00 Welcome introduction

Prof. Giovanni De Micheli, Program Leader & Excom chair

Dr. Peter Bradley, Executive Director

10.15 CabTuRes, Prof. Christofer Hierold, ETHZ

Enabling autonomous sensor nodes: low-power nano-sensor/electronics building blocks based on tunable carbon nanotube electro-mechanical resonators


10.40 CMOSAIC, Prof. John Thome, EPFL

3D stacked architectures with interlayer cooling


11.05 IrSens, Prof. Jérôme Faist, ETHZ

Integrated sensing platform for gases and liquids in the near and mid-infrared range


11.30 LiveSense, Prof. Philippe Renaud, EPFL

Cell-based sensing microsystem

14.10 MIXSEL, Dr. Thomas Südmeyer, ETHZ

Vertical integration of ultrafast semiconductor lasers for wafer-scale mass production


14.35 NanowireSensor, Prof. Christian Schönenberger, UniBas

Integrateable silicon nanowire sensor platform


15.00 Nexray, Dr. Alex Dommann, CSEM

Network of integrated miniaturized X-ray systems operating in complex environments


15.45 SelfSys, Prof. Jürgen Brugger, EPFL

Fluidic-mediated self-assembly for hybrid functional micro/nanosystems


16.10 SImOS, Prof. Peter Ryser, EPFL

Smart implants for orthopaedics surgery


16.35 TecInTex, Prof. Gerhard Tröster, ETHZ

Technology integration into textiles: empowering health

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