Nano-Tera research activities: Environment

Environmental monitoring is of paramount importance to the future of our societies. Nano-Tera projects address pollution monitoring in urban areas with open sensor networks or in biotopes using sensing techniques based on living cells reactions to pollutants.

The ultimate goals are to provide platforms for a better understanding of environmental phenomena and their effects on individuals and communities.

Representing the worldwide challenge for the survival of humanity and our surroundings, projects in this area of the also include research on environmentally friendly transportation systems.

A few examples of related projects:


Meet the CamZilla Camera Robot

This high-resolution imager (12 MegaPixel D-SLR) has two rotational axes and wireless remote control for integration within a sensor network.

CamZilla is located in Randa/CH overlooking the X-Sense study field site on the orographic right side of the Matter Valley. Power is provided using solar panels.

To find out more you can visit the X-Sense page and check out the poster.

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