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Aberer Karl of EPFL

Credit Suisse Series on Contemporary Computing

Interview-Sensor networks will change our life

Projects:D1NAMO OpenSense OpenSense2 OpenSWISS

Aminian Kamiar of ESCATEC Switzerland AG

Mal au genou: on change tout

Back from Beijing : prize in hand

Olympic swimmers see gold in inertial navigation system


Andersson of ETHZ


Atienza David of EPFL

Smartphone Detects Danger In A Heartbeat

L'informatique vera la vie en vert


Tracking heart rate in real time on a smartphone

Smartphone detects danger in a heartbeat -

GenevaLunch: New tool tracks heart rate in real time

Tiny new tool to track heart rate in real time on a smartphone | KurzweilAI

Monitoring and Reducing Energy Drain by Data Centers

A way to reduce the Internet's energy drain

Credit Suisse Zurich Datacenter Saves Energy and valuable Data Center Space Through Concentration of ICT Hardware Supported by Innovative Power Monitor System and Management (PMSM) Tool

SmartCardia in the News

Projects:B-AWaRE BioCS-Node BodyPoweredSenSE CMOSAIC D43D FETCH ObeSense Transcend YINS

Ballif Christophe of EPFL

Combining antennas with solar panels

Energy Turnaround: the National Research Program for Energy

Projects:Synergy SynergyGate

Beutel Jan of ETHZ

Wenn der Berg rumpelt

Dirruhorn and Randa Service Work

Die Bergdoktoren

Rote Ampeln bei abgehenden Eislawinen

Dr. Marco Zimmerling Wins 2015 ACM SIGBED Paul Caspi Memorial Dissertation Award

Projects:X-Sense X-Sense2

Bleuler Hannes of EPFL

Human Robotics Group

Monkeys Move and Feel Virtual Objects Using Only Their Brains -


Bloch Konrad of University Hospital of Zurich

Drug may aid sleep apnea symptoms at high altitude


Brugger of EPFL

A Cheaper Method for Making Transistors and Chips - News - Institute of Nanotechnology

A faster, cheaper method for making transistors and chips

Back from Beijing : prize in hand

Projects:E-Print EUJO iCAN iCAN2012 PATLiSci SelfSys SiC-nanomembranes

Burg Andreas of EPFL

New professor at the Faculty of Engineering

Bad chip? Good news. Changing the way computers and smartphones are built

Projects:D43D2012 IcySoC QCrypt WEEE

Carrara Sandro of EPFL

Mini Blood Labs Can Predict A Heart Attack

'Under the skin' blood-testing device developed

Chip implant to help combat doping

Tiny lab under the skin could stop drug cheats

i-Needle: Detecting the biological mechanisms of acupuncture

Projects:i-IronIC i-Needle IronIC++ NutriChip SPIMD

Chebira Amina of CSEM

Measuring with shadows

Adaptive multiresolution frame classification of biomedical images


Courtine of EPFL

In Rat Experiment, New Hope for Spine Injuries


De Micheli Giovanni of EPFL

Nano-tera.CH: Nano-technologies for tera-scale problems Engineering Complex Systems for Health, Security, and the Environment

De Micheli elected to the Academy of Europe

Projects:BioDev i-IronIC i-Needle ISyPeM UltrasoundToGo

De Rooij Nico of EPFL

Atomic force microscopy on a chip

Could Point-of-Care Devices Be the Next Killer Apps?

Breath test for detecting head and neck cancer

Projects:CabTuRes LiveSense PATLiSci PATLiSci2 TEDActivities

Dehollain Catherine of EPFL

Projects:i-IronIC PlaCiTUS SImOS

Dommann Alex of EMPA

Austria showcases its nanotechnology initiative

Austrian Nano Initiative a Success |

The Role of Strain in New Semiconductor Devices

New methods of shaping semiconductors


Enz Christian of EPFL

Pruning delivers lean, green microchips

EKV MOSFET Model - Wikipedia Entry

Why we should move away from trying to build perfect circuits

Projects:IcySoC ISMICT ISyPeM NextGeneration PlaCiTUS SpineRepair WiseSkin

Faist of Alpes Lasers

Sasers set to stun : Nature News

Quantum cascade laser - Wikipedia Entry

Infrared detector unmasks cocaine addicts

Projects:IrSens IrSens2

Faltings Boi of EPFL

Automating the Creation of Compound Web Applications

Projects:InUse OpenSense OpenSense2

Farine of EPFL

A race against time: building the world's smallest atomic clock

An innovative contact lens for glaucoma

Projects:BodyPoweredSenSE SImOS

Jean-Claude of University Hospital of Zurich

Health-related quality of life of former very preterm infants in adulthood

Projects:NeoSense NewbornCare

Fontcuberta i Morral Anna of EPFL

A new light source for quantum computers


Geiger Alain of ETHZ

Innovation: Better Weather Prediction Using GPS

Projects:X-Sense X-Sense2

Geiser Martial of HES-SO

Projects:Envirobot LiveSense

Gijs Martinus of EPFL

NutriChip: an electronic intestine for a healthy diet | BILAN

An Artificial Intestine On A Chip Knows How Food Affects You

Analyzing food quality with an artificial intestine: the NutriChip

Analyzing food quality with an artificial intestine: the NutriChip


Gisin Nicolas of

Nicolas Gisin among the "Forum des 100" 2011

IET: Interview with Nicolas Gisin and Rob Thew

The World According to Quantum Mechanics


Graetzel Michael of EPFL

EPFL's campus has the world's first solar window

Albert Einstein World Award of Science

New crystals yield solar power breakthrough

Projects:Synergy TANDEM

Guiducci Carlotta of EPFL

Interview with Carlotta Guiducci

Giving research a boost with cheaper biochips

Another transistor-based revolution: on-chip qPC r

Projects:ISyPeM ISyPeM2

Haussener Sophia of EPFL

One Step Closer to Hydrogen Production from Photoelectrochemical Water-Splitting


Heinzelmann Harry of CSEM

Inlivetox: Harry Heinzelmann presentation - CSEM - June 2009

NADIS: A Novel AFM-based Tool for Dispensing Fluids into Single Cells

Projects:PATLiSci PATLiSci2

Hierold Christofer of ETHZ

Christofer Hierold @ TEDx

Interview With ETH Professor Christofer Hierold About Nanotechnology :Valutek

Talking about nanotechnologys unimagined possibilities

Projects:BodyPoweredSenSE CabTuRes EASY iCAN iCAN2012 X-Sense2

Hofmann Heinrich of EPFL

Tackling tumors with iron oxide

Development of novel nanotechnology based diagnostic systems for early detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis


Huang Qiuting of ETHZ

A circuit technology platform for medical data acquisition and communication: Outline of a collaboration project within the Swiss Initiative

Projects:i-IronIC PlaCiTUS WearableMRI WearMeSoC

Ijspeert Auke Jan of EPFL

Robots transform into furniture at EPFL

Nature has worked in our favor

Diese Roboter gehen da hin, wo sich keiner hintraut

Arsen im See? Ein Schlangenroboter soll es finden

A new robot mimics vertebrate motion


Ionescu Adrian of EPFL

Towards a ten-fold increase in electronic device efficiency

Projects:CabTuRes EASY Enabler NanowireSensor NextGeneration

Jolles-Haeberli Brigitte of CHUV

A Smart Prosthetic Knee With In-Vivo Diagnoses


Jordan Olivier of

Outstanding Laboratory Investigation for 2014


Kapon Eli of EPFL

BeamExpress Secures Its First Round of Investment of $1.3 M

Lasers Evolve to Meet the Demands of Optical Communications

Projects:IrSens MIXSEL

Kayal Maher of EPFL

Miniature device could allow a cell phone to project images on a wall

A Power Grid on a Chip

Ras Al Khaimah to get Swiss smart power grid - The National

A power grid on a chip

An intelligent bracelet for nocturnal cyclists

Internet of Things for Smarter Living

Projects:CabTuRes SmartGrid

Keller Ursula of Time-Bandwidth Products AG

Tunnelling electrons under the microscope

2011 Prize for Applied Aspects of Quantum Electronics and Optics

Ursula Keller ZURICH.MINDS interview

ERC advanced grant for Ursula Keller

I see myself as a discoverer


Lacour of EPFL

New generation bionics - wireless and touch-sensitive

A neural implant stays in the long term on the spinal chord to restore walking

Elastic implant 'restores movement' in paralysed rats

Researcher on 'prosthetic skin' and 'wearable' electronics

Projects:EUJO SpineRepair WiseSkin

Lygeros John of ETHZ

Scientists have created "cyborg yeast" that can be controlled by a computer

'Cyborg' yeast genes run by computer

The Value of Precision

Projects:HeatReserves NetCam

Jan-Anders of EPFL

Belenos met les gaz

Tankstelle zu Hause


Martinoli Alcherio of EPFL

Distributed Sensing Using Resource-Constrained Multi-Robot Systems

Swiss Italian TV Features DISAL and LSRO Labs

Measuring air pollution on a bicycle

With or without a driver, vehicles are able to cooperate

Projects:OpenSense OpenSense2 OpenSWISS SelfSys

Messerli Etienne of HES-SO


Michel Bruno of IBM

IBM unveils computer fed by 'electronic blood'


Moser Christophe of EPFL

An exceptional journey


Bert of

Highly Endowed Research Project for Developing an Artificial Sphincter

Project aims to create artificial sphincter implants

Innovations Report: Research Project for Developing an Artificial Sphincter

Using physics to solve medical problems


Nelson Bradley of ETHZ

IEEE RAS News - 15 RAS members elected to IEEE 2011 Fellows Class

Swiss build "Fantastic Voyage" micro-robot

BBC NEWS | Technology | Sporting nanobot to inspire kids

ETH Zurich researchers copy bacteria, Research, ETH Zurich - - The online resource for Nano Technology And Research

Microrobot swims through eyes to deliver drugs | Crave - CNET

Microrobots to Perform Eye Surgery

Bradley Nelson @ TEDx

Projects:CabTuRes FlusiSafe FlusiTex SelfSys

Paolone Mario of EPFL

Reining in Renewables


Poulikakos Dimos of ETHZ

IBM Hot Water-Cooled Supercomputer Goes Live at ETH Zurich

Supercomputers With Renewable Energy // Current TV

Tiny Supercomputers The Size of a Sugarcube : Discovery News

Projects:CabTuRes CMOSAIC

Psaltis Demetri of EPFL

Optofluidics, Nano Technology and Energy at EPFL

Optofluidics Could Help Solve the Energy Challenge

Projects:3DOptoChemiImage SHINE

Raetzo Hugo of Federal Office for the Environment

FOEN - The FOEN - Landslides, Avalanches and Protection Forest Section

Projects:X-Sense X-Sense2

Renaud Philippe of EPFL

Biocartis Completes EUR 71 Million (USD 100 Million) Series C Fund Raising - MarketWatch

Harvard Medical School and EPFL launch program targeting neurological disabilities

Biocartis named as a Technology Pioneer 2012 by the World Economic Forum

Philippe Renaud, the professor with 13 start-ups

A new approach to studying Alzheimer's

Projects:BioAnt Envirobot ISyPeM2 LiveSense NanoBioTech SImOS

Ryser Peter of EPFL

Instrumented Prosthesis for Knee Implants Monitoring


Christian of


Schwarz Urs of ETHZ


Shea Herbert of EPFL

Getting to the moon on drops of fuel


Sigrist Markus of ETHZ

Auf Drogensuche im Speichel

Infrarot-Detektor entlarvt Kokser

Schnelltest der ETH soll Kokser entlarven

Auf Drogensuche im Speichel

Infrared detector unmasks cocaine addicts


Thomas of ETHZ


Thomas of

Here come the femtos !

Projects:IrSens2 MIXSEL2

Thiele Lothar of ETHZ

Modeling and Evaluation of Thermal System Properties

Projects:Artist Artist 2013 OpenSense OpenSense2 UltrasoundToGo X-Sense X-Sense2 YINS

Thiran Jean-Philippe of EPFL

Computer Program Shows How Brain's Complex Fiber Tracks Mature

Sensors study pedestrian flow in Lausanne train station

Projects:ObeSense UltrasoundToGo

Thome John of EPFL

IBM chums with Swiss to build 3D brain-density processors : The Register

IBM and partners to cool 3-D IC stacks with microfluids

IBM to build 3D brain-density processors

IBM joins with Swiss to build 3D brain-density processors

HPCwire: IBM Researchers Hope to Extend Moores Law

3D Microchips for More Powerful and Environmentally-Friendly Computers

Projects:Boiling CMOSAIC MicroCool Transcend YINS

Gerhard of ETHZ

Sweat becomes energy in the Netherlands | euronews, hi-tech

If the computer fits, wear it

Les pansements deviendront plus intelligents

Projects:TecInTex TWIGS WearableMRI

Van der Meer Jan of UNIL

Un robot contre la pollution des eaux

Projects:Envirobot LiveSense

Vandergheynst Pierre of EPFL

Speeding up MRI image acquisition by compressed sensing

Fly eyes inspire ultimate camera

Projects:BioCS-Node NewbornCare

Guy of AgroscopeLiebefeld-Posieux (ALP)

NutriChip: l'intestin artificiel


Vetterli Martin of EPFL

Martin Vetterli is the new president of the Research Council of the SNSF


Vogel Horst of EPFL

Internationale Konferenz: Schwieriges Klima - Politik - Tagesspiegel


Janos of ETHZ

Bioelectronics - Interfacing electronics with biology

Projects:NanoBio 2010 NanowireSensor SpineRepair

Weber Stefan of

Institute for Surgical Technology & Biomechanics - Nano-Tera Project

Kleine Bohrung vermeidet grosse Schmerzen

CTI Medtech Award 2013: Targeting and destroying metastases

Robots join the fight against cancer


Gregor of University Hospital of Zurich

Anatomie eines Machtkampfs


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