Nano-Tera research activities: Energy

Energy is a central theme affecting system design, society and the economy. In this domain, addresses various high relevance application areas such as
    low-power trustable electronics that raise important challenges related to adaptive dynamic power management (e.g. for implants);

    smart grids that combine information and communication technologies and energy distribution to construct large-scale energy monitoring, and management systems with reduced blackout probability and optimized energy usage;

    data centers requiring specific technologies for power management of servers and storage arrays;

    energy harvesting systems aiming efficiently to capture and store energy that is available in the environment, and to transform it so that it can be used for helpful tasks.

A few examples of related projects:


This is a new decentralised concept for clean mobility.

The house is equipped with:
    solar panels and inverters
    an electrolyser system with gas storage
    a battery
    a control station, the brain of energy production / storage
To find out more visit the Greenpower project page and look at the poster