Nano-Tera research activities: Health

Within the program, specific application targets are in the fields of monitoring of professional and recreational athletes, diagnosis and treatment of patients, and more generally enhancement of safety for individuals. There is therefore a significant overlap with the domain of electronic and personalized health management, through the use of implanted devices, smart clothing and intelligent nutrition of drug monitoring systems. This eHealth field is often considered the next "killer app" for the future of the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks.

The scope of the Nano-Tera program covers topics as varied as metabolism monitoring, orthopaedics, cancer research and more.

A few examples of related projects:


This is a passive electronic biosensor.

In passive chips, the electrode array density and the overall performance are limited due to long interconnections between the sensing sites and the electronics. However, they have the key advantage of being low-cost, and therefore disposable.

For more details see ISyPeM project page and poster


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